Blagoveshchensk, Ostrova Mall, Mukhina 114, floor 2, next to Grand Arena Ostrova

Hello Park - Main

Interactive digital park for the whole family

Hello Park is more than a playground. Here, events develop according to the rules of your imagination. The park combines multimedia games, physical installations and colorful projections, all enmeshed in different stories.
Here you can have fun with the whole family and celebrate a multimedia birthday—it will be interesting for both adults and children. Go on an exciting interactive adventure today!
No age restrictions.

  • Learning while playing
  • Babysitting
  • Safety
  • 0+
Something new every week!

Once a week, our park is transformed and the world changes into the ocean, the jungle, space and other amazing places.



A celebration at Hello Park is a unique, fun and memorable kind of party! An interactive table will congratulate the birthday boy or girl and entertain them while waiting for a delicious dish. A multimedia show guarantees a wow effect!


Child ticket

30 minutes
525 RUB
790 RUB

Adult ticket

250 RUB
Один взрослый

Child ticket

30 minutes
650 RUB
890 RUB

Adult ticket

350 RUB
Один взрослый


  • You can find out more in the Prices section on the main page. Please note that on holidays, weekend rates apply.

  • Discounts are offered to families with multiple children and children with disabilities (after presenting the necessary identification). In addition, our park has special offers for groups.

  • Yes! A Gift Certificate for our park is an excellent gift for any holiday. We have Certificates for amounts of your choice that can be used to pay for any services we offer, as well as Certificates for visits to our park. Certificates can be purchased at the park’s reception desk.

  • Children under age 6 must be accompanied by adults. One chaperone can enter free of charge, while other chaperones must purchase an Adult Ticket. Adults with children over age 6 can visit by purchasing an Adult Ticket. Adult Tickets are tied to the corresponding Child Ticket’s time slot, and when that Child Ticket is extended, they are extended free of charge.

  • We have special offers for group visits. We can also work with legal entities through contracts and bank payments.

  • You’ll need two things when coming to our park: cotton socks and a good mood! You can buy these socks at our souvenir shop. Indoor shoes are not used at our park. All guests must wear (cotton) socks to ensure comfort and cleanliness.

  • Yes: if your child is over the age of 6, you can leave them with us, and we’ll make sure to take care of them. If your child is under age 6 but over age 3, you can use our Babysitter service—talk to the park staff for information and prices for this service.
    But remember: you are responsible for your child!

  • We know for certain that a child’s celebration will make them and their parents happy! That’s why we’re ready to take care of decorations, table settings, a celebratory lunch, entertainment services and everything else! We’ve prepared special package offers so that you can easily organize the best celebration possible at our park. You can find out more about these package offers on the Celebrations page.

  • We offer: Party rooms, a celebratory lunch, a cake catalog and candy bar, show programs, costumed entertainers, interactive quests, masterclasses, photo sessions and costume makeup. All the services that we and our partners offer are provided by professionals.

  • You can order a cake, food and drinks in our park. We also have our “My Own Cake” service, where you can bring and eat your own cake at the park for a small Sweet Fee! We want to ensure our guests’ health, so we ask that you bring a receipt for the cake and that it be in its original packaging, with a visible production date and shelf life. You may not bring your own food or drink into the park!



Blagoveshchensk, Ostrova Mall,
Mukhina 114, floor 2, next to Grand Arena Ostrova

The park is open daily from 10am to 10pm

Hello Park is the world's largest multimedia park chain Request franchise