Tashkent, Chilanzar District, 21 Bunyodkor Str.

Hello Park - Party


A children's birthday party at Hello Park is a magical adventure. Here, children get into animated cartoons that you can interact with. Lots of awesome themed areas: interacrive trampoline, slide, drawing and dancing, all in a cutting-edge format. Engaging game mechanics of multimedia attractions develop logic, thinking, imagination, dexterity, coordination, and other child skills. The whole family will enjoy a happy and rewarding vacation.

See what celebrations are like at Hello Park

Interactive Table

A boring tea party? That’s not what Hello Park’s about! A regular old table is transformed into an engaging attraction that will bring joy to both kids and grown-ups. Imagine partying with animated toys, candy, spacemen, and flowers. A colorful candy dragon’s also here, waiting for someone to play with his tail and tickle him. Take part in enchanting stories and celebrate your birthday in style!

Fun and Entertainment

A cheerful, engaging animator can congratulate the birthday child, bring out a birthday cake and play interactive games with guests at our park. The animator can wear the costume of the special child's favorite character—just choose the date for your party.

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Tashkent, Chilanzar District, 21 Bunyodkor Str.

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