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Alice in Wonderland Moscow, Russia

The multimedia exhibition, touring dates 09/2018-09/2020

"Alice in Wonderland" is a family multimedia adventure where the well-known story is combined with the latest interactive technologies. The project is presented in an absolutely new Russia entertainment format - phygital park (physical + digital), where the physical (real) and digital (fictional) coexist in one world.

In the Park You can do everything you can think of: smash teapots with hedgehogs, run on buttons and draw on the walls with giant pencils. There are a total of 10 interactive zones in the park, united by one theme: Wonderland has been overrun by Boredom and Dullness, so People's task is to bring color and joy back to this world:
🔸 Shrinking
🔸 Sad Rain
🔸 Flower meadow
🔸 Tea ceremony
🔸 Grinder
🔸 Revived world
🔸 Jabberwocky
🔸 Enlargement
🔸 Photozone

This family-friendly adventure - it's designed for kids ages 3-15 and their parents. It will be fun for absolutely everyone. It will take about 40 minutes to go around the whole Wonderland.

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