Hello Park Novy Urengoy

Interactive park

  • Opening date 13.01.2020
  • Park size, m2 120
  • Number of attractions 6
  • Address Novy Urengoy microdistrict Severnaya Kommunalnaya zona, house 4, Boomerang shopping center

Address: Novy Urengoy microdistrict North Communalnaya Zona, 4, Boomerang Shopping Center.

New addition to Hello Park family! We`re in Novy Urengoy now!

We have 6 attractions on the area of 120 m2:
🔸 Live pictures.
🔸 Ballstrikes
🔸 Digital Painter
🔸 Interactive lanterns
🔸 Interactive cubes
🔸 Bubble Mable

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Hello Park Changwon, South Korea

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Thank you! We will reach you soon