Interactive Exhibition Fantasy Ocean

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  • Park area 500–1000 m2
  • Park capacity 200–400 people
  • Attractions 6 zones / 11 games
  • Average time in the park 50–90 min

This is a fundamentally new immersive project for Russia, it combines technology, art and entertainment.

Interactive games are combined with art installations, which makes the exhibition interesting for all ages.

Zones are designed in such way that it will be interesting and entertaining for both children and adults - children will be fascinated by the game mechanics, and adults - by the stunning art installations.

Planet Oceania is an indoor projection park with custom-designed decorations, video content, and game mechanics. All zones inside are sensory and filled with atmospheric interactive video graphics.

Visitors will be immersed into a fantastic journey through the magical underwater world from the fluorescent depths to the sparkling northern ice.

The park has seven interactive zones with holograms, an interactive trampoline and floor, light sculptures, animating drawings, and other stunning technologies.

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Planet Oceania is a fantasy planet, where water covers 96% of the surface, but with similarities to Earth.

Arriving on this planet, visitors take part in a fascinating and colorful journey through a magical underwater world from the fluorescent depths to the sparkling northern ice.

They find themselves among magical sea creatures, mysterious jellyfish and become part of this magical world.

While traveling through Fantasy Ocean, visitors touch colorful corals and dive to the bottom of the ocean.

And every guest of the exhibition can in a playful way perform a rescue operation and clean the ocean from garbage.

  • Zone 1. Creating a custom character

    At the entrance, each visitor receives an RFID bracelet to which a virtual underwater character will be linked. This character can be given a name, choose an appearance, and it will accompany the guest in all areas of the exhibition, offering hints about games and installations and slowly evolving into a new fairy tale creature

  • Zone 2. Forest of algae

    Guests are going deeper into the park's atmosphere and begin their introduction with the Fantasy Ocean. The walls are filled with colorful projections of the underwater alien world. Visitors see incredible forms of algae, which shine with bright colors, swaying with the flow of the waves. Colorful fish and fluorescent plankton fill the space.

  • Zone 3. Whirlpool

    Visitors move to the next area with circular walls which are filled with projection images.
    Unusual shades of currents replace each other, and with them ocean creatures are transformed. Colorful small fish give way to larger fish, which are followed by hybrid forms.
    The graphic story is complemented by audio narration.

  • Zone 4. Instagram zone

    Visitors are immersed in a fantastic world of fluorescent plankton and jellyfish through a corridor of translucent nets and projection.
    This installation is also a decorative element of the park.

  • Zone 5. Ecology

    An angry octopus lives in this area - his house was turned into a garbage dump. Visitors' task is to throw soft balls into the projection, thereby clearing the ocean from garbage. After successfully completing the task, the octopus becomes friendly and kind. So visitors will not only have a good time, but in a playful, interactive form will learn the rules of respect for nature.

  • Zone 6. Pearl Reef

    Guests move into a large open space filled with projections on the walls and floor. Thanks to the large-scale covering, you can fell the atmosphere of a colorful coral reef with numerous vivid underwater creatures of the Fantasy Ocean. The walls and floor are interactive and you can interact with them and influence the life of this magical reef.

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