Hello Japan

An Interactive exhibition dedicated to Japan, its culture, history and legends.

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  • Park area 600–1000 m2
  • Park capacity 100–200 people
  • Attractions 11 attractions
  • Average time in the park 40–60 min

Hello Japan — these are 11 multimedia zones connected by a common idea and style

Japan is an exotic land of the rising sun, filled with unique traditions and enchanting magic.

There is no need for long flights to visit it. You just need to walk in our new multimedia park.

Here you will find a wonderful world, bright characters and legends that are interesting for all ages: from the youngest to adults.

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New format in the entertainment market

Interactive parks are a dream come true For modern children.

Magic is happening right before their eyes. The virtual and the real connect and fascinate.

For adult visitors, our Park offers mesmerizing projections, an opportunity to relax and chill, or to awaken an inner child and have fun in active zones.

  • 1. Live pictures

    Visitors color animals and bring them to life in the enchanting landscapes of Japan. A unique attraction that includes projections on the wall, floor and ceiling.

  • 2. The Sea of Japan

    Interaction with the underwater world on the floor projection

  • 3. Yamato-e

    Drawing with an interactive stick on the projection.

  • 4. Waterfall

    The waterfall is a very colorful and interesting attraction. In the Park, it is presented in the form of a slide, on which a bright, flowing stream of water is projected, framed by lilies and water lilies.

  • 5. Pool with a dragon

    Colorful meditation area.

  • 6. Tokyo

    A large monster suddenly appears on the wall with Tokyo city landscapes. The monster is going to destroy the city, and he also has five little helpers.

  • 7. Origami

    Children fold simple origami according to the instructions and bring them to life.

  • 8. Fuji

    An attraction in the form of the most famous mountain in Japan, which you have to climb and collect all the gold coins along the way.

  • 9. Trampoline

    A very beautiful attraction with a projection on several surfaces. Visitors jump on a large trampoline.

  • 10. Ninja

    A runner game in which a Japanese ninja repeats the visitor's movements.

  • 11. Photozone

    Visitors take photos and send them to the virtual world or print them

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