A multimedia exhibition based on the world's most popular story by Lewis Carroll

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  • Park area 500–800 m2
  • Park capacity 100–200 people
  • Attractions 10 attractions
  • Average time in the park 40–60 min

Hello Alice is a projection space including10 interactive zones with a common storyline

A single script based on the world's most popular story by Lewis Carroll, where visitors are the main characters.

This is a fascinating story that develops as you move along the route. Projection and interactive create the effect of deep immersion in the story.

An amazing world, colorful characters and a story that is interesting for all ages: from the youngest to adults.

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Visitors get into the magical world of Alice

Against the odds, the world turns out to be gray and dull — it was captured by three evil sisters: Boredom, Frustration and Tediousness.

People's task is to bring color and joy back to this world. To do this, they have to find and wake up a mysterious monster- the Jabberwocky that will kick away the evil sisters.

Guests will fill the magical world with new creatures and joyful emotions, so that it becomes colorful and cheerful again.

At the end of the story, the Caterpillar will tell you that the miracle does not live in a "fairyland", but inside us. Just like here, anyone can do marvels in the real world!

  • 1. Entrance

    The entrance to Wonderland is possible through a keyhole, the only way to get there is to become smaller.
    Zone task is to greet visitors and tell the main idea of the tale.

  • 2. Shrinking

    With the help of magical interactive lights, visitors explore the world of wonderland. Suddenly, a vibrant world emerges and visitors become small and all the plants, insects and mushrooms are getting tall. Now the shrinked guests can go through the keyhole.

  • 3. Sad rain

    Visitors should stop the rain by using hand movements or holding umbrellas.As soon as the rain stops, the sun will come out in Wonderland again.

  • 4. Flower meadow

    All flowers in Wonderland have turned gray and dull. In order to return brightness, life and joy to flowers, you need to color them with the help of magic giant pencils. With every movement of the pencil, flowers acquire color and dynamics, and the whole space becomes bright and cheerful.

  • 5. Tea ceremony

    One of the most dynamic areas. A childhood dream is a space where you can break dishes without consequences. Visitors should use soft hedgehogs to break all the dishes in the house.

  • 6. Grinder

    What is a Wonderland without candy ?! Visitors must shake the chains as hard as you can to get as many candies as possible!

  • 7. Revived world

    Guests use colored pencils to color the characters of the fairy tale. And with the help of a special scanner, the characters are transferred to the projection walls and come to life in the world of Wonderland.

  • 8. Jabberwocky

    Guests need to jump on the scales of the Jabberwock (multi-colored circles that change color from jumping). The harder the guests jump in circles, the sooner the Jabberwock will wake up and laugh, filling the world with laughter and joy.

  • 9. Enlargement

    Visitors stand in front of the screen and observe the reverse enlargement process. Guests will have to shoot down balls, clap airplanes and do other movements, which will eventually help them grow.

  • 10. Photo zone

    At the end of the route, all guests will be able to take a photo with all the characters from Alice's Adventures, print this photo and take it as a souvenir!

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