Interactive Lanterns

Players search for objects in the whale’s stomach using special flashlights.

The projection shows a huge whale.
Players look for hidden objects in the whale's
stomach using special flashlights.

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  • Number of players up 4 people
  • Activity quiet
  • Active zone wall
  • Developes memory, reaction speed, concentration
Attraction in action


The total floor area is 10 meters, a flat white wall is 6x3 meters.

Technical requirements

The park is economical to operate, it allows changing expositions and updating content on the same equipment without spending on decorations

  • 3x3 meter platform for installation + 30-40 m2 platform before installation for participants

  • Blackout in the installation work area

  • Access for unloading a vehicle with equipment

  • Required 2 hours for installation and project testing before the event

  • Socket 220V 1kW within a radius of 5 meters

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Interactive Trampoline

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