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Hello Park - is an Interactive Digital Entertainment Park designed and created using the latest technologies, where the physical and digital worlds come together to form a magical mixed reality. Vivid interactive projections react to each visitor's movements and expand the boundaries of their imagination.
Promising Investment Opportunity
Park launch
within 1,5 month
and up
starting at
$80 000
Break-even starting
at 12 month
Capacity — 80 people/hour and up
Get a return on your investment in just 12 months.
To recoup investments as fast as possible, we provide you with a full package of business management tools which help increase the average spend and your income by providing additional services and selling related products.

The park easily adapts to any size or format space (starting from 1000 ft2).
You can also choose the quantity and type of attractions.
The attraction theme can be changed with a single click. We offer 5 different exciting themes for each attraction. After visitors experience Outer Space during their first time at the park, they will happily come again to immerse themselves in the Underwater World or try any of our other themes. We never stop creating new content — that's why our guests come again and again to visit our parks.
Innovation, the latest digital technologies, multimedia animation and interactive games combine to give our park visitors an unforgettable experience. People of all ages will love our attractions, from children and teenagers to their parents.
More repeat visits
We provide a well-structured business model for your financial and economic success.
All ideas and principles are derived from our own experience and experiences shared with us by our partners. Our main goal is to provide you with a stable and profitable business.
We use innovative technologies to create the kinds of interactive digital games that have yet to make it to market. We create all content and games ourselves, with a development team made up of qualified specialists.
Flexible Design
Easily adapts to your tastes, room size and audience.
You can choose any park you like!

10 000 ft2

15-20 attractions

500 people

5 000 ft2

10 attractions

250 people

2 000 ft2

6 attractions

100 people

Experience, indicative budget, placement
Get to know each other
Location search in the target region
Develop 2D concept

Budget calculation

Content, equipment, decorations, props
Park Opening Process
Online technical support
Sign the letter of intent
Sign the contract
Prepare technical documentation for on-site maintenance work
Site visit from specialist to install and set up attractions.
Full testing
Project launch, staff training
Depending on budget and site format
Make a business model
5 years of legal experience at your assistance
Buy equipment, decorations and props
Prepare marketing kit for advertising campaign
Everything you need for opening
Software license
for the games
of all attractions
Park layout
floorplan, design, visualization, technical
Marketing materials
a ready-to-go selection of basic advertising layouts
and templates, web-site and brandbook
decorations and props
for site preparation and construction
official use of our registered trademark and brand
Personnel training
and instructions for park use
Personal assistance
each site has a dedicated account manager and project
manager who will guide you through every step
of the launch process
Technical support
First year free of charge
Interactive Digital Parks around the world
Project by Hello.IO
Hello.IO is an international company that creates projects at the intersection of design, architecture and technology. We make immersive high-tech spaces that tell stories and create a new culture where people can interact with digital environments. Today we occupy a strong position in the market, with a dynamic start-up atmosphere and amazing team spirit.
Our projects give us a platform to experiment and try new ideas.
Hello Park is the largest network of multimedia parks worldwide.
We have been working around the world since 2011, and have more than 100 people on our team. We strive for innovation and there is more to come!
to get more details and the catalog
of multimedia games
Natalia Skibenko
Head of Sales

+1 631 776 42 47